Hamilton Elementary receives national ag grant

Rachel Nelson, Hamilton Elementary School building based math coach, was the recipient of the National Ag in the Classroom grant, in the amount of $500.
“Receiving the Ag in the Classroom grant has allowed Hamilton Elementary School to offer the opportunity for students to develop a deeper understanding of agriculture through hands-on experiences in the classroom, greenhouse and outdoor raised garden beds,” Nelson said. “Through the process of germinating seeds, planting and harvesting, students are being exposed to the importance of agriculture in their world. These lessons involve multiple cross curricula disciplines including science, reading, writing and math. The impact of these grant funds will be felt at Hamilton Elementary School for years to come.”
“Mrs. Nelson does a great job partnering with our SNAP-Ed REA, Ginger Eatman, to help secure grants for our school that help with the sustainability of our school gardens and prepare for the use of our new greenhouse,” Principal Gary McCarley said. “There are a little over 30 Alabama Ag in the Classroom grants awarded and about 20 National Ag in the Classroom grants awarded.  We received two of the Alabama Ag in the Classroom grants through Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Stidham's applications.  Mrs. Nelson also received the National Ag in the Classroom grant. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be in that number for the state and national grant.  This is an amazing opportunity for our school, and we are extremely proud to be chosen for this grant.”


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