Hamilton sports new city seal

Hamilton's new seal is shown.

HAMILTON — The City of Hamilton unveiled its new seal created by Wayne Mays.
The Hamilton City Council unanimously approved the new seal during a meeting held on Monday, Aug. 21, at Hamilton City Hall.
Hamilton Mayor Bob Page spoke about Mays’ work on the seal, which features Hamilton’s portion of the Buttahatchee River as a key element in design.
“He’s done a good bit of work. We’ve looked at these seals, and I think the one with the stream on it is the one we like the most,” said Page. “Our Buttahatchee River flows through our city.”
Mays spoke about his part in creating Hamilton’s new seal.
“When Angela (Owen) asked me to come up with some designs for them to look at, I was honored to be able to do it,” said Mays.
“Hamilton has always been my home. When you look at Hamilton’s history, a few things come to mind. One design was a drawing of the Hamilton/Sullins house, and the other two had different aerial photos of the Buttahatchee River from different places. The City of Hamilton has a long history with the Buttahatchee River, and it’s part of the reason we exist today.
“The one they chose just happened to be at Military Ford, which is significant in our history, being the place Andrew Jackson crossed while building the Military Road,” Mays continued.
“That’s where my inspiration came from.”

(Editor’s note: The correct date for Hamilton’s founding is 1882.)


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