Hamilton Police apprehend suspect in woods

Terry Gann

By Louis Mellini
Staff writer
HAMILTON — The Hamilton Police Department responded to a call concerning an alleged assault which ended in a search through a wooded area north of Hamilton near the city limits on Wednesday, June 21.
According to new Hamilton Police Chief Jordan Carter, officers responded to a call, but when they arrived, there was not a victim to be found.
“When we got there, we didn’t have a victim. The victim of that crime left the scene, and, apparently, she didn’t have any minutes on her phone,” said Carter.
“Once we got there, we tried to make contact with the victim, but there was no victim (present) because she had already left.”
Carter stated the suspect, Terry Gann, 38, of Hamilton, had fled the scene before officers arrived.
Carter stated that Gann allegedly ran into a wooded area as he heard officers were coming to respond to the scene.
“We tried to find him. We knew he had those warrants. We found him, and we arrested him for those warrants,” said Carter.
Carter stated the Hamilton Police Department responded to an alleged assault, but only arrested Gann for warrants as there was no victim present during the arrest.
Gann was arrested and booked in the Marion County Jail in Hamilton for unpaid support at 4:54 p.m., where he is currently being held. Gann does not have a bond amount but will remain in the Marion County Jail in Hamilton until his support is paid.
Carter stated Gann was intoxicated during the arrest but was not charged with public intoxication as he was arrested in a wooded area.
According to Carter, the strange nature of the arrest follows a pattern he has seen in Hamilton recently.
“This is an ongoing issue with people getting into a disturbance and then the victim never coming forward,” said Carter. “As far as domestic violence goes, we can still make an arrest if it meets certain criteria. But, since we didn’t have a victim to talk to and she never came forward, it was just a weird situation.”

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