Weston rallying support for animal services non-profit

Calen Weston

Looking to expand services available for animal wellness, Detroit resident Calen Robinson Weston is launching a not-for-profit organization aimed at filling in current gaps.
Weston has founded Hoof or Paw and is in the planning stages of constructing an animal shelter that will service Marion County.
“We have to do what we can,” Weston said in an interview with the newspaper. “Knowing there is a need and being able to do something about it--it’s better than just saying there is a problem and not doing anything about it.”
Weston, a 2006 Hamilton High School graduate, and her family recently transitioned back into Marion County from Huntsville, where she volunteered at a large-scale animal service organization known as A New Leash On Life. She says the no-kill shelter was able to hold more than 400 dogs and would glean canines from the Madison County animal control when they neared euthanize status.


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