Hackleburg makes $500 donation for youth baseball

HACKLEBURG -  The Hackleburg Town Council unanimously voted to donate $500 to the Hackleburg youth baseball team when the council met during a regular session on Monday,  March 25, at the Hackleburg Town Hall.
Hackleburg youth baseball treasurer David Ray appeared before the council to request financial assistance for the team’s equipment. He mentioned that while the team had been making some money through concessions, it was not enough to meet their needs.
“We do have some plans for the future, we want to grow the program in a lot of ways. There’s a lot of things we’ve thought that we can do for our kids and for our coaches, we’ve got big plans, but like anything, it takes money to do it,” said Ray.
Councilman Don Barnwell made a motion to donate $500, an amount that has been donated in previous years, to the team, to which the council unanimously agreed.


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