Faye Harris Column

A real Depression romance

During the Depression, those who managed freight trains were told by the government that men could hop the empty side cars and ride for nothing. They were looking for work, any work; they left home and family hoping to find something that paid any small amount of money so they could send it home.
Hank Meyers was one of these young men.

This old-aged thing...

I should have begun saving for a facelift many years ago. I didn’t! (Who thinks they’re ever going to grow old! That’s just for grandparents!) 
Alas, the age angels have not seen to carry the weight themselves and have, instead, gifted my body with both mine and someone else’s share. They are not always kind!


Faye Harris

What? You don’t want to die and go back to spirit...to become invisible? Allow me to explain...

God has blessed America

My parents were young people during the Great Depression. While my maternal grandparents had owned the town grocery store and a large rooming house, complete with “hired-girls” to help, they were now relegated to living with their children, in a miner’s shack. It had a dirt floor and whatever they could find to stuff into the cracks in the walls.
I believe the World War II may have been the relief our nation found to overcome the abject poverty the Depression visited on our world.