Faye Harris Column

Faye Harris: Tobacco Kills!

Cigarette smoking is the number-one risk factor for lung cancer (Time Health, Spring 2018).
Cancer and other smoking-related diseases kill about 40,000 Americans every year, accounting for 1 in 5 deaths in the U.S., with a worldwide yearly death count of 7 million.
In early August my husband, Glen, had his routine cardiology checkup with the conclusion by the nurse practitioner, “I’ll see you in about three months. Say, why don’t we have you go in for a pulmonary exam?”
So we went to have this done.

Where did God come from?

This question was recently asked by one of the middle school students in my Sunday School class. It had been asked of me several years ago by another student, whose query was quickly followed by, “Yeah! I want to know that, too.”
The answer I gave on that first date was, “Ask your father…he’s the pastor.”
“I did,” said Emma Lue. “He said to ask you.”
“Could we talk about this next Sunday?” I asked, playing for time to investigate this mystery, so I, too, would know."