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Alabama unemployment rates at low record-breaking numbers

During the late summer, it was revealed that Alabama’s economy set records for the number of people employed along with the lowest unemployment rate in decades.
Figures released in August had the state with a record-breaking 3.3% unemployment percentage. The numbers indicate a continued upward trend with 57,000 more people employed than at the same time a year ago.
Gov. Kay Ivey said, “The effort we are making to bring jobs and employers to Alabama is working.” She further stated, “We are consistently improving our workforce and preparing Alabama for the future.”

No citizenship question on 2020 Census essentially assures Alabama losing a congressional seat

The upcoming 2020 Census is extremely critical in Alabama and the rest of the states in the nation, as well. The Census affects the number of seats a state has in the U.S. Congress and ultimately the number of Electoral College Votes you have for president. Also, very importantly, the amount of federal funds the state receives will be effected.

The Summer of 1969

Steve Flowers

As we say goodbye to the summer of 2019, allow me to reminisce with you and indeed commemorate more than likely a summer exactly 50 years ago that was undoubtedly the most momentous summer in American history--the Summer of 1969.

Past prominent state legislators

The 2019 legislative session is now in the books. As each session is observed, it is apparent that primary, powerful, state senators control the flow and outcome of any and all legislative sessions.
Current Alabama state senators Del Marsh, Jabo Waggoner, Greg Reed and Arthur Orr wield immense influence.

Legends of Girls State

For almost 100 years, one of, if not the best, annual event for young Alabama high school leaders in Alabama has been the Alabama Boys State and the Alabama Girls State programs.
These events are sponsored by the American Legion and the American Legion Auxillary. Boys State and Girls State are sponsored nationwide by the American Legion. The programs epitomize the American Legion’s mission to honor those who have bought us our American freedom.

An Act of Congress

Steve Flowers

A good many people wonder why simple, straightforward, no nonsense, good-government legislation fails to pass, even though it appears to have universal and overwhelming support and appeal for many voters and legislators.