Steve Flowers Column

Past prominent state legislators

The 2019 legislative session is now in the books. As each session is observed, it is apparent that primary, powerful, state senators control the flow and outcome of any and all legislative sessions.
Current Alabama state senators Del Marsh, Jabo Waggoner, Greg Reed and Arthur Orr wield immense influence.

Legends of Girls State

For almost 100 years, one of, if not the best, annual event for young Alabama high school leaders in Alabama has been the Alabama Boys State and the Alabama Girls State programs.
These events are sponsored by the American Legion and the American Legion Auxillary. Boys State and Girls State are sponsored nationwide by the American Legion. The programs epitomize the American Legion’s mission to honor those who have bought us our American freedom.

An Act of Congress

Steve Flowers

A good many people wonder why simple, straightforward, no nonsense, good-government legislation fails to pass, even though it appears to have universal and overwhelming support and appeal for many voters and legislators.