County Employees Receive Pay Raise

HAMILTON — The Marion County Commission has supplied county employees with a cost of living pay raise during a meeting held on Monday, Sept. 27, at the commission office in Hamilton.
County employees across the board will now have an increase of 75-cents per hour following the unanimous vote at the meeting.
This, along with this year’s newly introduced pay scale, completes some of the promises made by county commissioners since they took office.
Commission Chairman Keith Nichols stated he and the other commissioners relied on County Administrator and Attorney Scott Hunt to make room financially for the pay raise.
Nichols also stated the cost of living pay increase was a matter that was in the making for quite some time.
“We have done what we thought the county could afford. We have tried every year since we’ve been in to give a raise or a bonus of some kind. We thought this was the best option to help all—not just a few employees,” said Nichols.


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