Aggies fall at Cordova’s homecoming

CORDOVA — The Hamilton Aggies were on the road Friday, Sept. 22, to Cordova’s homecoming game. While scoring 28 points on their own, they fell to Cordova’s Blue Devils 42-28 in the end.
Hamilton started the game receiving the kick off but punted giving Cordova a shot. The Aggies’ defense of the end zone would not let the Blue Devils through. However, they were close enough to try and were successful with a field goal, giving them the opening score, 0-3.
The Aggies let the downs turnover to Cordova, and they in turn punted. Hamilton pushed their way to the Blue Devils’ end zone at the end of first quarter, and Hamilton’s Houston Tibbs performed the first touchdown at the beginning of the second. The PAT was no good, which put the Aggies ahead 6-3.
During Cordova’s second first down, Hamilton’s J.J. Vaser snatched the ball out of the air for an interception. Cordova then gave Aggie Quarterback Mason Holloway a sack, putting Hamilton behind 2-18. Hamilton punted, but decided to do another interception on Cordova’s first down. This time, Hunter Galbreath had the interception honor. However, Hamilton turned the downs over.
Later, Aggie Dylan Segraves took the ball 47 yards for a touchdown. A complete pass to Tibbs garnered two extra points, putting Hamilton ahead 14-3.
Cordova was happy to answer and scored a touchdown of their own on a 75 yard drive, with only five seconds left in the half. Cordova’s Javon Bridges threw an 11 yard pass to Eli Clingan for the touchdown, with a good PAT by Jameson Robertson, bringing the half to a close, still in favor of Hamilton, 14-10.
Hamilton kicked off to Cordova, and Blue Devil David Odom scored a touchdown. A good PAT brought the score to 17-14, Cordova. Hamilton punted, and then tried another interception by Kevin McBride, only to punt again.
On a 63 yard run, Odom got another touchdown. The two point conversion was good, and the score was 25-14, Cordova. After trading downs, Cordova got another field goal, making it 28-14, Cordova.
Hamilton’s next score came in the fourth quarter by Holloway. Two good points made the score 28-22, Cordova. Odom got another touchdown, and a good PAT added the score to 35-22, Cordova.
Hamilton then fumbled the ball, and Cordova was able to recover it. On second down, Odom got yet another touchdown. A good PAT brought the score to 42-22, Cordova.
Hamilton got one more score in a touchdown with a complete pass from Holloway to Kelton Battle. Holloway was pushed beyond the line of scrimmage but was able to make up a few yards before throwing the pass, finalizing the score 42-28, Cordova.
Hamilton takes on Winfield this Friday at home.

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