Celebrating the history of Guin’s Colored School

Guin Colored School/Guin High School’s first classes met in Real Chapel C.M.E. Church in Guin.
The teachers were, Cora Swanigan and Micha Terrell Warren.
The location for classes was the Joseph Northington place in Guin.
The county then built a two room school, the location of which now is the Curtis Wallace place.
The C.M.E. church was also used. Students were bused from Winfield, Brookside and Brilliant.
Continuing on there was a three teacher school where Mr. Joseph Northington was principal, Mrs. Micha T. Warren and Mrs. Etta H. Thomas were the teachers in the two room school. The two room school later burned.
Students went to school in a one room building on the LeDuke place, while the C.M.E. church continued to be used as a classroom.
Next, a three room school and lunchroom were built.
Teachers were, Joseph Northington as principal, Evelyn Northington, Micha T. Warren, Megon S. Key, Bertha T. McCollum, Alma McFadden, Mary Thomas, Elizabeth Hollingsworth and Phoebe Terrell would join Guin High School as teachers, along with Arlander Northington, George Humphrey and Billy D. Hisbon as principals.
Additional staff at Guin High School included Gene R. Belk, Frank Swanigan, Herbert Terrell, Green Stuart, Eugene Terrell Flem Bryant, Mack Swanigan, Willis Enis and Curtis Wallace.
Dreams have been fulfilled and made into realities at Guin High.

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