Looking at the history of Hamilton’s Ada Hanna School

Edward Northington

(This February, the Journal Record will celebrate Black History Month by taking a look back at the Ada Hannah School in Hamilton and the stories that surround it.)

Edward Northington
My name is Edward Clifton Northington, and I moved to Bexar when I was nine years old.
I started Ada Hanna when I was in the third grade. One of my teachers was Mrs. Tiney Bobo.  
And later I had a student crush on Mrs. Edith Parks.

She just fascinated me as a teacher. When I got older and in the seventh or eighth grade I loved going to my agricultural class.
The teacher for this class was Mr. Lucious Rogers.
I learned about planting seeds, and how to take care of the soil and land.
We did a lot of farming in Bexar. I joined the 4-H club while I was in school.
One of my projects was that I planted a fourth of an acre with cucumbers, potatoes and peanuts.
We took some of the food to market and shared the rest with the community.
I really enjoyed helping our principal, Mr. Menrie Smith, with harvesting his crops in the fall.
We would get class credit for doing this.
At the age of 15, I decided to join the Job Corp, and this is where I learned to do furniture upholstery.
Then later I moved to Philadelphia, Penn. and became a brick mason and raised my family there.
I am now retired and live in Huntsville, Ala. I will always treasure my Ada Hanna School family and my Bexar community family. Long Live The Colts.

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