Crunch time for Hackleburg Market building

HAMILTON -  Grocery store owner Wally Kemp is shutting down his market after five years of running the Hackleburg Market in the over $2 million town-owned building.
The building that the store has been operating in is owned by the Town of Hackleburg and now leaves the town council with a major decision to make as the market’s closing will leave the town’s citizens without a major grocery store.
Mayor Daryl Colburn called a work session on Tuesday, July 30, to discuss what to do with the building once the current owner leaves.
Kemp is currently under contract until 2028, at which time he will be able to purchase the building for $10, but according to town clerk Carla Rector, he is under no obligation to stay in business until then as he has met the requirements as set forth by the state grant under which financial assistance was awarded.


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