Dersham releases new Alabama photography book

John Dersham (left) is shown here with Blue (center) and Jerry Brown, during a photo shoot on Nov. 15, 2014, in Marion County.

HAMILTON -  Renowned Alabama photographer and Alabama promotor John Dersham, who helped start the Image Masters photo club in Marion County, has published a new book of Alabama photography. The book, “My Alabama -- John Dersham Photographs a State,” consists of 218 color photographs that capture the diversity of Alabama’s natural landscapes.
“The book started with the idea that people who have never visited Alabama have a total misconception of how Alabama actually looks,” Dersham said. “They don’t know about our mountains; they don’t know about our extensive river systems or the Gulf Coast. The most common belief is that Alabama is just one big level cotton field. In fact, Alabama is the fourth most bio-diverse state in the United states, and we wanted to showcase that.”
Dersham said all the major geographical regions of Alabama are represented, including the Wiregrass region, the Blackbelt, the Gulf Coast, the Peidmont, the Tennessee River and the Cumberland Mountain Plateau, as well as the Southern Appalachian Mountains in Dekalb and Jackson counties.


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