State Superintendent Visits Hamilton

From left are Marion County Superintendent, Ann West, State Superintendent, Eric Mackey, and school board members, Joyce Fowler and Mark Dearen. Mackey is wearing a shirt presented to him by Hamilton Middle School students.

HAMILTON — Alabama State Department of Education Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey made a big appearance at Hamilton schools last week, in what was the first visit from a state superintendent in almost 40 years.
Mackey visited Hamilton Elementary, Middle and High schools before attending a reception event in the Hamilton High School library.
“I received a text message from Dr. Mackey’s Chief of Staff on Sept. 8th, letting me know that Dr. Mackey was planning to visit Hamilton on Sept. 27th,” Marion County Superintendent Ann West said. “He would be starting the day at South Lamar, then make a stop in Hubbertville before coming to Hamilton.
“The last time that we can remember the state superintendent visiting Marion County was in the early eighties when Dr. Wayne Teague made a visit to Hamilton.”
West stated the community was excited by his arrival, including Melissa Hughey, who planned the reception.
“We were certainly happy to welcome Dr. Mackey to north Alabama. When Melissa Hughey heard that he was making a stop in Hamilton, she called and offered to plan a reception for him. Melissa and Paula Wood put together a beautiful reception to honor our guests,” she said.
The Marion County Board of Education, mayor and city council, the Arts Foundation and Aggies Arts were all represented at the reception.
West stated Mackey’s visit helped him see first hand the progress Hamilton has made as well as the progress Hamilton schools are still making.
“Dr. Mackey visited all three schools in Hamilton. He was able to see the enclosure construction at Hamilton Elementary School and understands the need for more state funds to complete the enclosure of all four wings at the school.  He also visited classrooms at all three schools and watched as teachers taught math and science standards to students. Some of the students at the high school showed him their cars they have built that run on hydrogen,” said West.
“It was an honor to have Dr. Mackey come and see what is going on in our schools, and we hope that he will come back and visit all of our schools in Marion County. Good things are happening here, and we want people to know that we have students who are achieving and preparing for a future with endless possibilities.”

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