Primary Election

Primary results

County results for super and board don’t include provisional ballots yet


(From Paige Vick’s livestream last night)

22,233 registered voters in the county

5,937 ballots cast (16/17 precincts reporting in, but the 17th is provisional)

157 were for the Democratic primary

5,779 were Republican primary

1 only voted on amendment


Marion County Superintendent:

Gary McCarley: 1395 (25.21%)

West wins GOP superintendent’s race

HAMILTON - Ann West has secured the Marion County Superintendent of Education seat, according to voting results from the Tuesday, March 3, primary election.
The results were publicly posted by Marion County Probate Judge Paige Vick as they arrived at the Marion County Courthouse in Hamilton beginning around 7:30 p.m. Officials were on- site through 11 p.m. recording results.
Results remain unofficial until provisional ballots are accounted for, which usually takes a week. Vick said there have only been two provisional ballots filed this year.