Alabama state board of education

State BOE makes major change to ACAP test

The Alabama State Board of Education has voted to lower the score needed to pass the reading portion of the ACAP test, which will majorly affect third graders moving on to fourth grade at the end of this school year.
This year, third graders taking the test must pass the reading portion of the ACAP test in order to move on to the fourth grade.
This comes after Alabama Literacy Act rules came into effect this school year.
Originally, students taking the reading portion of the test needed a score of 452 to pass that portion of the test.

McRae unopposed for state school board seat

HAMILTON - Belinda McRae, a Hamilton native and long-time educator, is unopposed in her bid for a seat on the Alabama State Board of Education.
There is, however, non-candidate opposition for McRae—a referendum on the primary election ballot in March to make state school board seats appointed offices instead of elected.
If the amendment passes, all  sitting school board members will be removed and Gov. Kay Ivey will begin an appointment process.