Alabama Cooperative Extension System

‘Super nest’ found in Winfield single-wide

According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, a large yellow jacket nest discovered near Winfield marks the northernmost case of the phenomenon on record.

WINFIELD - Marion County is the 10th Alabama county in the state to have a confirmed yellow jacket “super nest.”
“My husband (Herman) found the nest, but didn’t really know what it was,” said Kimberly Holcomb-Logan of Winfield,  who is a hair-dresser and owns the property where the nest was discovered.
The large nest, technically known as a perennial nest, was confirmed on Sunday, July 14, at Logan’s property in Winfield, according to Charles Ray, an entomologist and research fellow working with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System in Auburn.

Cotton crop expected to be lower than usual

Regional agriculture specialists report that the cotton crop has been average this year and Marion County specialists say the county’s crop is falling in line with these reports—not too good or too bad.
Marion County Extension Office Coordinator Lisa Murphy stated that locally, the crop yields varied considerably.
“Several farmers have estimated that the cotton crop yield this year has produced between 750 pounds and 1,400 pounds of cotton per acre,” said Murphy.