Plein Air artists paint in Marion County

BRILLIANT — Artists gathered at Barnett Farm in Brilliant on Friday, April 14, to paint in “plein air,” which is French for “painting outdoors.”
The Alabama Plein Air Artists painted scenes around them on the farm, as well as inside the house.
“Plein Air Artists are a group of artists who paint outdoors,” said Andrea Harbinson, who helps promote the event for the City of Hamilton and the county. “They go to various locations for paint outs, and Hamilton is one of those locations. They go all over the county to historic areas or places people have requested they paint.”
Trace Barnett has hosted this event at his farm for three years.
Artists were supplied with maps of Marion County from the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Hamilton also helps support the event.
Harbinson said some paintings will be on display in Hamilton City Hall for a while on a rotation in a gallery. They will also be for sale.
Artists painted with oil, water colors, gouache, pen and ink, pastels and many other mediums.
“I love painting in plein air, because when you do that, you remember everything about the day,” Artist Martha Fulghum said. “You remember the sights, the smells, the sounds, the wind, the rain—everything about it, and it adds to the experience of painting when you do that.
“Painting outdoors also teaches us to loosen up as artists and not be so detail-oriented. You have to capture the image quickly, because the light changes. It can become cloudy and rainy when it’s sunny, so you have to be quick.
“It teaches us that, which is good. A lot of artists need to do that in order to become better.”
Harbinson said everyone is invited to stop by the city gallery Monday-Friday, 8-5, until Aug. 17.

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