Hackleburg burns the Red Devils 44-6

Panther Davin Dulaney rolls past the goal line in the end zone after being brought down by Vina at the one yard line.

By P.J. Gossett
General Manager
VINA — The Hackleburg Panthers were able to keep the Vina Red Devils to a single digit score Thursday, Oct. 20, when they won 44-6.
Hackleburg kicked off to Vina, with Vina making second down before the ball was recovered by Hackleburg. On first down, Daniel Cooper took the ball into the end zone, but a flag pulled everyone back. Cooper made it a repeat and this time scored the touchdown. With a complete pass to Davin Dulaney, the two point conversion stood with the score of 8-0, Hackleburg.
The Panthers then forced a punt, and a complete pass to Cooper in the end zone gave them another touchdown. A pass from Blaise Vickery to Cooper got the two points making it 16-0, Hackleburg.
With an incomplete pass on fourth down, the ball was turned over to Hackleburg on Vina’s 41 yard line. When third down rolled around, Dulaney took the ball toward the end zone and made it to the one yard line before he was brought down, rolling over the goal line. Austin Gerald got the touchdown after. Another good two points put the Panthers 24-0.
Vina began at their own 37 yard line and made it to their 48. After a loss of two yards on second down, the ball was fumbled and recovered by Hackleburg. The clock wound down on the first quarter as Hackleburg neared another touchdown. On third down in the new quarter, Ross Hudson took the opportunity for a touchdown. Another complete pass gave two extra points to the score, making it 32-0, Hackleburg.
Vina held possession of the ball during a good portion of the second quarter. After a 44 yard drive, Vina’s Wyatt Kennedy received a touchdown, adding the only score for Vina during the game. Their two point try did not make it to the score of 32-6, Hackleburg.
First down for Hackleburg saw another complete pass to Cooper for a touchdown. This time, the two point conversion failed, leaving the score 38-6, Hackleburg.
At the end of the second quarter, Vina fumbled, and Hackleburg once again recovered it. However, the Panthers let the downs be turned back to Vina, who scrambled and got near the end zone, only for the clock to run out.
The last half of the game zipped by due to shortened quarters and a continuous clock. Cam Ingram was able to get one last touchdown during the third quarter, totaling 44-6, Hackleburg.
Hackleburg had a total of 308 yards, with 159 of those passing and 149 rushing. Now 5-4, 4-3, they are scheduled to play at Cherokee tomorrow night for their final regular season game.

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