Winfield Pirates end season in first round of playoffs

Winfield’s Rain Nolan (#23) gets ready to swing at an incoming pitch.

By Luke Brantley
Staff writer
WINFIELD — The Winfield Pirates’ 2022 season drew to a close on Friday night, April 22 after back-to-back losses against the Elkmont Red Devils.
Elkmont batted first, and scored two runs. After shutting down the Pirates in the bottom of the first inning, the Red Devils scored one more point in the top of the second that also went unanswered.
The game entered a scoreless stalemate from the third to fifth inning, before the Red Devils scored two more points in the top of the sixth.
This time, the Pirates answered with a point of their own in the bottom of the sixth. The Pirates were able to score one more point in the bottom of the seventh, but the Red Devils won 5-2.
Davis Bowen and Rain Nolan were the two Pirates who scored runs during the game. Tyler Mays and Brody May brought them home with one RBI each.
Mays was the Pirates’ most successful hitter of the game, hitting two out of three for two doubles and two singles. Mays also pitched, throwing two strikeouts and allowing three runs on four hits. Davis Bowen also pitched, allowing four walks and two runs.
In the second game, Elkmont kept their momentum going. The Red Devils scored early in the game and took off to  a strong lead.
Going into the third inning, the Pirates were behind 6-0. By the end of the third inning, the Pirates were down 9-0
The Pirates were able to score one point, but the Red Devils brought their score up to 12 to win the game.
Walt Hennicke scored the Pirates’ only point after getting a hit during one of two at-bats.  He also hit one triple. Quinn, Brady May and Selena also hit one single each.
Hunter Busha recorded one hit out of two at bats and one. He took a total of one base before being thrown out.
Multiple pitchers took the mound for Winfield as the Pirates adjusted their strategy. Bowen pitched for 1.2 innings, allowing two hits and four runs while also throwing one strikeout.
John David Ray also pitched for the Pirates. Ray allowed three runs off of five hits.
The Pirates and the Red Devils would have played again on Saturday, but the 12-1 victory over the Pirates gave the Red Devils the best two out of three to win this round of the state playoffs.

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