Fourteen candidates qualify for Marion County

By Louis Mellini
Staff writer
HAMILTON — As of Friday, Jan. 28, at 5 p.m., a number of people qualified to run for elected offices in the 2022 elections.
According to the Alabama Secretary of State’s website, which shows dates for the 2022 elections, both the Republican and Democratic primaries for U.S. Senate,  U.S. House, state and county offices will be Tuesday, May 24, with any necessary runoffs on Tuesday, June 21, and the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 8.
Marion County
Incumbents will have an (I) after their names.

• Kevin Williams (I)
• Shane Dickinson
• Chris Knott
• Glinda Cochran (I)
• Kyle Jackson
Commission District 1:
• Keith Nichols (I)
Commission District 2:
• Kenneth Cochran (I)
Commission District 3:
• Dale Holt (I)
• Greg Gunnin
• Tony Harrison
Commission District 4:
• Tim “Ears” Estes (I)
Commission District 5:
• Bob Burleson (I)
• Rodney Lucas
• Larry Akers

State officials and new candidates had four weeks to qualify with their respective parties from the opening date of Monday, Jan. 8.

Alabama GOP Primary candidates:
Incumbents will have an (I) after their names.

U.S. Senate:  
• Lillie Boddie
• Katie Britt
• Mo Brooks
• Karla M. Dupriest
• Mike Durant
• Jake Schafer
U.S. House of Representatives District 4:  
• Robert Aderholt (I)
• Lindy Blanchard
• Lew Burdette
• Stacy Lee George
• Kay Ivey (I)
• Tim James
• Donald Trent Jones
• Dean Odle
• Dave Thomas
• Dean Young
Lt. Governor:
• Will Ainsworth (I)
Attorney General:  
• Steve Marshall (I)
• Harry Bartlett Still III
Alabama Supreme Court Place 5:  
• Greg Cook (I)
• Debra Jones
Alabama Supreme Court Place 6:  
• Kelli Wise (I)
Secretary of State:
• Wes Allen
• Christian Horn
• Ed Packard
• Jim Ziegler
• Young Boozer
Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries:  
• Rick Pate (I)
• Stan Cooke
• Rusty Glover
• Andrew Sorrell
Public Service Commission Place 1:  
• John Hammock
• Stephen McLamb
• Jeremy H. Oden (I)
• Brent Woodall
Public Service Commission Place 2:
• Chip Beeker (I)
• Robin Litaker
• Robert L. McCollum
25th Judicial Circuit District Attorney:  
• Scott Slatton (I)
Alabama Senate District 4:
• Garlan Gudger (I)
Alabama House District 14:
• Cory Franks
• Tom Fredricks
• Tim Wadsworth (I)
Alabama House District 17:
• Tracy Estes (I)

Democratic candidates:

Attorney General:  
• Wendell Major
• Yolanda Rochelle Flowers
• Patricia Salter Jamieson
• Arthur Kennedy
• Chad “Chig” Martin
• Malika Sanders Fortier
• Doug “New Blue” Smith
Secretary of State:  
• Pamela J. Laffitte
Alabama Supreme Court Place 5:  
• Anita L. Kelly
U.S. House of Representatives District 4:  
• Rick Neighbors
U.S. Senate:
• Will Boyd
• Brandaun Dean
• Lanny Jackson
• Victor Keith Williams.

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