‘We’d love to see everyone’

By Louis Mellini
Staff Writer

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Senior Center is still going strong despite many residents only recently realizing that it is still in operation during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hamilton’s Senior Center offers several programs for senior residents, including meals, meal deliveries and games and activities for seniors aged 60 and older to take part in within the community.
The senior center is operated within the E.T. Sims Jr. Neighborhood Facilities building in Hamilton.
The center closed at the start of the pandemic last year and only offered meals curbside until April of this year when the center reopened.
Since the center has reopened, the senior center has been operating as normal, with games, meals and meal deliveries, despite not having the full number of residents that the center has been used to hosting.
“We have people that will come and visit now, we are trying to get our activity levels back up,” said senior center director Joyce Dubielak.

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