Panthers tamed in fourth-quarter loss

Staff Writer

COURTLAND - Hackleburg and RA Hubbard held scoreless until the dying minutes of the fourth quarter during the Panthers’ second away game of the season in Courtland on Friday, Sept. 10.
Very little happened in the first three quarters with both teams unable to break the deadlock and score a touchdown.
Even in the final quarter of the game, the two teams remained at a stalemate until, with five minutes left on the clock, RA Hubbard scored a 32-yard touchdown run and scored two from the extra point attempt.
Hubbard scored again with three minutes left from a three-yard touchdown run after Hackleburg had muffed a point return. Hubbard again tried the two-point extra point attempt, but this time, failed.
Hackleburg did answer back with just 2:55 left in the game with a 61-yard touchdown from Daniel Cooper, who received the ball from quarterback Blaise Vickery. The Panthers then scored two from the extra point attempt after Vickery passed the ball to Jaquan Reeder.
Though it looked like the Panthers were roaring back into the game late on, Hubbard scored just 13 seconds later with a 53-yard touchdown run. Hubbard failed another two point attempt and the game finished 20-8 in Hubbard’s favor.
Vickery threw 183 yards in the game completing 14 of his 21 attempts with one touchdown.
Cooper completed 10 rushes, totaling 52 yards in the game and completed 11 receptions totaling 164 yards, scoring one touchdown.


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