Why only citizens should vote

A growing number of left-leaning political activists and thinkers are proposing that Democrats should legalize non-citizen voting in a purely political power grab. In America, voting is one of our most sacred privileges as U.S citizens and playing partisan games with our voting laws will weaken the integrity of our elections. Even setting aside the problematic motivations of non-citizen voting, the political, cultural, and public policy effects of non-citizen voting would prove equally problematic. The idea of non-citizen voting on its face seems to be an outlandish proposal and something similar would never be allow in other segments of American life.
Let me ask you, would it make sense for the local Catholic parish to allow the neighboring Baptist church membership to select their next priest? Should the Lions Club membership select the next president of the Rotary Club? Should the Auburn University administration decide who coaches The University of Alabama’s football team? The obvious answer to all three questions is absolutely not, even though the Auburn faithful may like that idea. If we would not allow similar actions in these instances, then we should not allow non-citizens to decide the leaders of our nation, or even our local communities. Expanding the electorate to include non-citizens would weaken the public’s faith in both election security and integrity at a time when we need to reassure Americans that our elections are both safe and secure.

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