Clue premiering July 22-25

By Luke Brantley
Staff Writer

The murder mystery, whodunnit comedy “Clue” will be the next show put on by Self Express Productions in Winfield, running from July 22 through July 25.
According to Self Express Productions co-producer Josh Kauffman said the play is based on the original Parker Brothers board game, as well as the 1985 film adaptation.
“There have been several adaptations of Clue based on the board game, but this is the first one that is also based on the movie, with a lot of the major characters and iconic lines from that film,” Kauffman said. “So if anyone has that movie as one of their old favorites like I do, a lot of the jokes in the play will be familiar, but you don’t have to have seen the movie to enjoy it. This is a really fast-paced, witty ensemble comedy.”
Kauffman said this play is different from previous performances since “Clue” will involve a complicated set and soundtrack, as well as a fair amount of physical comedy.

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