Cooper trial starts May 17

Double Springs - More than five years after the alleged murder of two Hamilton residents in downtown Hamilton, Jimmy Dale Cooper, 61, will be tried and judged by jury.
Cooper was transported from Marion County Jail in Hamilton on Monday, April 12, to Winston County Jail in Double Springs, where he will spend the next month waiting to be tried for two charges of capital murder.
He is accused of slaying Linda Cole at her accounting office, Lawler & Cole, and Donnie Miller at Hamilton attorney Scott Hunt’s office on Feb. 10, 2016, in downtown Hamilton. Prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty.
25th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Lee Carter, who will preside over the trial, told the  Journal Record that the nature of the case has led the Court to take enhanced administrative and logistical measures in order to protect the integrity of the trial, which has had to navigate numerous hurdles and delays to get to this point, including extended waiting times for mental health evaluations, juggling Cooper’s team of defense attorneys and COVID-19.


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