Estes to share music, testimony at Hamilton First Baptist

Lawmaker to provide message of hope on Sunday

HAMILTON - Rep. Tracy Estes will be the featured speaker at Hamilton First Baptist Church on Sunday, Oct. 25. The first-term lawmaker will share the gospel in song and testimony in both morning services, beginning at 8:30.
“I would encourage all who wish to hear a story of overcoming trials and a demanding test of personal faith to attend,’’ Estes said. “This message will not be a typical sermon but a simple message of hope and learning to lean into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ like never before.
“Each of us will face challenges and turmoil in our life. The Bible is clear that Christians will not be immune to the same issues which face those who have not been saved. But the same Bible also offers a promise of His forgiveness, redemption and restoration. His word also offers assurances of the fact our Heavenly Father is with us through each and every trial we face.’’
In recent months, Estes has shifted his Christian ministry in a new direction. He started singing in church at age 12 and recently completed a five-year stint singing lead in the southern gospel group 4 for ONE. With the quartet taking an extended break and Estes feeling led to continue sharing the gospel, he has answered the call to tour churches across the area sharing a personal message of hope and faith.
“If ever there has been a time this world has needed hope, it is today,’’ Estes said. “And though trials will come and we know we will face mourning, financial difficulties and family struggles, there is reason to remain faithful in our walk with God. While my story is not unique and probably pales in comparison to others, I am confident the Lord has given me this mission to share His love and commitment to those who are currently in the midst of a spiritual valley but are desperately seeking Him.’’
Joining Estes in the musical portion of the service will be Hamilton’s Ryan Knight, who also traveled with 4 for ONE. The Hamilton Elementary School teacher will accompany Estes on the keyboard.