Former Disney actress films in Winfield

Tom O’Mary (left), Michaela Carrozzo (right) and her mother and set designer Jill Carrozzo (center) are pictured on set as they wrap up an episode of The American Heritage Hour.

WINFIELD - Former Disney and Nickelodeon actress and writer/director Michaela Carrozzo has wrapped filming in Winfield with her mother Jill Carrozzo, on a new television project at The American Heritage Hour television production studio located in Winfield.
Carrozzo, 25, is a California native who came to Marion County to work with Winfield-based artist and director/producer Tom O’Mary, who recently opened his art gallery and television production studio in downtown Winfield.
“I’ve been working with our producer, Tom O’Mary for many, many years. He gave me my first film when I was 14,” said Carrozzo.
“He knew that I was a writer and knew the work that I’ve done. He called me up one day and said, ‘Hey, I’ve got a TV show that I’m working on, would you write for it?’” So he picked my script and I ended up here for two months working on the television show which we’ve just wrapped up.”


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