Gudger stresses social distancing

HAMILTON - Adhering to state-ordered health policies could reduce the local impact of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) by 80%, said state Sen. Garlan Gudger, during a meeting with 19 Marion County industry leaders and officials.
The senator and state Rep. Tracy Estes met with a cross-section of officials in law enforcement, health care and education on Wednesday morning, March 25, to discuss the local response and needs associated with the coronavirus outbreak.
Gudger said social distancing is the key to “flattening the curve,” or in other words, reducing the total caseload the county and state may experience at one time.
Gudger told officials that if the numbers from a worst-case scenario, such as Italy, were applied locally, he said the maximum number of COVID-19 cases in Marion County could be as many as 79 and result in three to four deaths.


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