Feb. rainfall record broken in first 13 days

Hamilton - It took just 13 days to break February’s rainfall record.
National Weather Service Observer Eddie Pearce of Hamilton told the Journal Record that it has rained eight times in 13 days, resulting in approximately 13.05 inches of rain.
Pearce said flooding in various parts of the county were a direct result of the large amount of rainfall.
This is the third consecutive year for record-breaking rain in February. In February 2019, 12.23 inches of rain fell, breaking the 2018 record. In February 2018, 11.56 inches of rain fell, breaking the previous month’s record set in 1909 of 11.53 inches.
On Tuesday, Feb. 11, 5.13 inches fell and on Thursday, Feb. 13, 3.4 inches fell. The wettest February date on record came on Feb. 11, 1951, when a mixture of rain and wintery precipitation resulted in 6.45 inches falling.
As of presstime on Thursday, Feb. 13, Pearce said more rain is expected in coming days.
Pearce noted that wettest months for Alabama are normally April and May. In 1991, the wettest year on record for Marion County, 17.50 inches of rain fell in April and 16.20 inches fell in May.

February Rainfall