‘Poor White Trash’ in Marion County

Angel Sewell, 52, has traveled the U.S. for the past six years painting window art and advertising. Her iconic “Poor White Trash” motorhome has been seen bouncing around Marion County since she arrived in the area on Sunday, Feb. 2.

She’s hard to miss. Angel Sewell, 52, who has roots in the Florida panhandle, is more popularly known by her business name, “Poor White Trash.”
Sewell arrived in Hamilton on Sunday, Feb. 2, in her painted 1983 Toyota Phoenix Motorhome and has been bouncing around day to day wherever her work takes her.
As of Wednesday, Feb. 12, Sewell was still stationed in Hamilton, which she considers a long stay. She said rainy conditions have contributed to this as she has had to postpone jobs while waiting for skies to clear.
Since arriving, Sewell says she has painted windows for as many as eight businesses and still has more lined up. Photos shared on her Facebook page show that she has painted windows at Coffee Buzz, J&V ‘Ole Smokehouse, All Things Southern & Sweet P’s II and Southland Sisters.



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