A better deal for Hackleburg

Simply put, Hackleburg has been in a situation of massive risk when it comes to the Hackleburg Market.
Owner Wally Kemp has decided to shut down his business in the town-owned building and grocers Bozeman Family Grocery plan to take over  very soon.
The Hackleburg Town Council has  been in numerous meetings concerning the future of the store and the building as the town council attempted to purchase the equipment from Kemp in order to keep the store running with the new owners.
Various sessions concerning the store featured some passionate debates and rightfully so, as Hackleburg Mayor Darryl Colburn sought to have the town borrow just over $650,000 to help Bozeman Family Grocery get started in the new store.
This plan has always been a huge risk from the start as brothers Phillip and Chris Bozeman looked to be reaping the benefits of a deal that would see the town at far more of a risk than themselves.
But, Thursday night’s special-called meeting seems to have significantly changed the game for the Town of Hackleburg.
The town will no longer be borrowing over $650,000 to fund this endeavour, because it will instead be Bozeman Family Grocery borrowing the money.
I remember sitting in one of the many meetings concerning the store and hearing councilman Kevin Barnwell saying, “I’m not seeing enough skin in the game.”
Well, it seems to me that they’ve got a good amount of skin in the game now.
With the grocers borrowing the money themselves, not only is the Town of Hackleburg no longer at a huge risk financially (compared to the previous deal), but if this wasn’t the case before (and yes, I believe they were going to go above and beyond to make this grocery story a vital, thriving store for both themselves and the town), the Bozeman brothers are more likely to do everything they can to make this store successful now that it’s more of their financial burden.
Now, the town is taking a risk by signing over the deed to the building , but if the grocers default on their contract, the town has first right of refusal and can buy the building back.
I don’t live in Hackleburg, but I was greatly concerned about the situation surrounding this deal with the Bozeman brothers.
The town needs a store, end of story.
Risks have to be taken to ensure that happens, but originally, the town was taking a massive risk that wasn’t really equal to the risk the new grocers were taking.
Now, with this new deal, there is certainly “skin in the game” from the  Bozemans and the Town of Hackleburg is in a far better situation when it comes to financial security.