Restricted use pesticide training to be held

WINFIELD - A restricted use pesticide training will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 27, beginning at 8 a.m. at the Upper Coastal Plains Experiment Station, located at 171 Experiment Loop, Winfield.
This training is for a general applicator audience, including homeowners, farmers, nursery owners, pond owners and forested land owners.
To register your attendance, please call the Marion County Extension Office at (205) 921-3551 by Monday, Feb. 25. The cost of the training is $20 and a $25 license fee is to be paid to the State Department of Agriculture and Industries.
Two other options are available to receive a pesticide license: (1) A person can schedule a testing date with the Extension Office to complete an open-book test. The fee is $10 for testing and $25 for state application fee; and (2) The other method is On-line Training and Testing. The individual completes an on-line test and the total cost is $60.
Interested persons may also contact the Marion County Extension Office at the above number for further information