Abigayle Dunkin: Christmas Surprise!

Abigail Dunkin
Hamilton High School Job-Shadower

The spirit of the holiday season often lifts up even the most troubled of hearts. For students across the nation, however, the Christmas tidings not only bring good cheer, but also a sense of the school year’s close getting ever nearer.
After the turkey has been cut and Thanksgiving has been celebrated, students count down to when their next school break occurs. For most, this is Christmas break, a time when family gets together and fun is shared  by all; however, this is  also a time when students eagerly await the final hours of the school year for 2018.
Many anticipate the end of the school year by counting on this said break, but what happens  between the two breaks? Truth be told, the school’s atmosphere brews a concoction of stress, excitement and relief as the holidays approach.
This year at Hamilton High School, many students were faced with these emotions, but they also felt surprised and amused after walking into school Tuesday morning.
As students walked into school on Tuesday, Nov. 27, smiles began to emerge from even the most stressed  of faces. The wandering eyes of the students quickly found the lit-up Christmas trees placed around the school as their hearts sang out in joyful glee.
Along with the trees, came a present of course—a new TV was hung in the small cross-section of the hallways.
The TV, installed by principal Steven Deavours, was originally intended to showcase the local students’ achievements with pictures, as well as announce news throughout the day. Deavours, however, stated that “even though that was the original design of the monitors, we thought we would also spread some holiday cheer before Christmas arrived.”
Playing on the TV was “The Grinch” starring Jim Carrey—a Christmas favorite.
As the TV made its debut among the crowd, the Grinch spoke his infinite words of wisdom from the screen, “Am I just eating because I’m bored?”—adding to his dog, “We did our worst and that’s all that matters.”
The daily challenges that school brings—studying, tests and grades—seemed to have vanished for students. A new, child-like glee filled their eyes and a sense of nostalgia for the holidays emerged.
With this new sense of wonder in their hearts, the students of Hamilton were ready to take on the new school day. Voices were overheard saying that they were “so excited for Christmas” and that they “couldn’t wait for break.”
Students have since been found watching the TV between classes, desperate to stay and watch the Grinch try to complete his Christmas mission.
The students knew all too well that classes called, so  they decided to catch glimpses of the Grinch and Max, his dog, carrying some Christmas spirit right into class.

A new light was found in the students of Hamilton High School that fateful Tuesday, a shine that could now never be dimmed again. With hearts a glow and passion all around, the school has once again been shown the dazzle of Christmas and the delight that it carries for everyone.