Campaign launched to revitalize playground area

Pictured is the proposed BCI Burke equipment for the revitalization project on Hamilton High School’s playground area.

HAMILTON - The Hamilton Elementary School Booster Club has announced a capita

l campaign to fund an ongoing renovation of the elementary school’s outdoor playground equipment.
Booster club president Paula Wood and member Melissa Hughey announced the initiative on social media on Wednesday, Oct. 24, through the school’s Facebook page.
The post notes that the existing playground is over 35 years old and has some broken equipment that needs to be removed or repaired.
The post explained  that the entire playground needs to be repainted, repositioned and more mulch added.
The plan also includes a new walking track which would have improved drainage and not pool up after rainy weather.
HES Principal Lynda Hall said that plans for the project were developed with the help of Hamilton architect Andrea Harbison.
The HES Booster Club has been in the process of planning this project for roughly three years.
“This has been a massive undertaking, but we have gotten everything lined up and are ready to move forward on purchasing equipment.”
The booster club member said that she is thrilled and hopeful to be working with stakeholders and donors throughout the community.
“We live in a community that is committed, caring and giving,” Hughey said. “I hope this project finds a place in their hearts.”

All 600 of the elementary school’s students use the playground area on a regular basis, Hughey explained. At any given recess period, she says as many as 150 students could be on the playground at one time.
Hughey said that the elementary school has  been able to make a deal with Twin States Recreation of Magnolia Springs, Miss. This agreement allows HES to acquire a 50 percent matching grant for new equipment up to $100,000.
Hughey says that the total cost of the project is $185,000 and the booster club will be responsible for $92,500; however, she believes that they could negotiate the cost down to around $75,000.
The booster club is looking to raise the funds by Christmas time.
“We need the community’s help to raise these funds immediately!” Hughey said. “Any amount will help. We need connections with individuals or businesses who might be willing to donate!”
Hughey noted that all funds go directly to the elementary school.
She asked that all checks be made payable to HES and designated for the playground.
For more information, interested persons are encouraged to contact the booster club by email at