Local author publishes new book

Peyton Davidson, 3, is seen here with her great-grandmother’s book titled Amusing Animals.

GUIN - Local author Dorothy Thompson White has published a new book through Dorrance Publishing Company. The new book, titled A Marriage That Almost Wasn’t, will be published this week and will be available at book signings White said. The book is a 20-chapter book about her life in Kentucky and her marriage to Albert White of Henderson, Ky., in 1981.

The marriage almost didn’t happen on the wedding day, White said.
“We went to the probate judge where they marry you in Clarkesville, Tenn., and we took them our health department papers and we said okay we’re ready now to get married. The lady there said I’m sorry but we can’t do that. I said what do you mean? She said just what I said. I said you mean you don’t have a probate judge here and she said yes we do, but he don’t marry people. I said I have never in my life heard of any such thing. She said you have now, ma’am. And here we had driven 110 miles to get married.
“It was supposed to be a town that gives a quickie marriage, but the judge didn’t marry nobody. We got down right mean and made her find us somebody. She found us a Methodist preacher way out in the boondocks. It’s a real good story,” White said.
White said she and her husband were married for 22 years. He died in 2003 and White moved back to Guin where she graduated in 1954.
“I have a lot of famous people in that book, too,” White said. “I used to be a personal friend of Tammy Wynette before she ever got famous. We used to run around together. She was a hair dresser. She did my hair until it was time for her to go to Nashville. She could do hair just as beautiful as she could sing. The book is really a dilly,” White said.

White, 83, published her first book, a children’s book titled Amusing Animals, at age 81. Her second book is titled Daily Driving Dad’s Dream Delighted Dorothy. It deals with White’s experiences of growing up as young girl in Guin.

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