Rhudy gives year-end report

Guin Park and Recreation Director Keith Rhudy presented a year-end report to the Guin City Council on Monday, Oct. 15.

GUIN - Guin Park and Recreation Director Keith Rhudy presented a year-end report to the Guin City Council at the council’s regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Oct. 15.
Rhudy said the Guin Water Park finished the 2018 fiscal year $1,776.04 in the red. The water park had a total revenue of $68,247.94 and $70,023.98 in total expenses.
The negative difference, Rhudy said, was due to the Guin Park and Recreation Department’s choice to keep the water park open through Labor Day.
“We tried something,” Rhudy said. “Because the country club didn’t open their pool, I thought people might want to swim all the way to Labor Day and it didn’t turn out as well as we thought it would. Normally, we close when school starts but had we closed when we normally do, we would have been somewhere around $,2000 in the black,” Rhudy said.
Rhudy said the final number does include the cost of preparing the pool for opening, upgrades and repairs.
Rhudy said total revenue for the entire Park and Rec was $174,000. “We had a good year, a really good year,” Rhudy said.
The director said the park and rec’s youth teams had a great year. Of the three soccer teams, the 9U team finished second in the Northwest Alabama League (NWA). Of the 11 basketballl teams, the girls 10U team placed first in the NWA league and the 10U boys finished second. The baseball/softball 12U boys team finished second.
Rhudy said 16 baseball teams competed in the Eddie Gunter Classic Memorial Tournament. Rhudy said $1,000 in scholarship money was raised for Marion County High School seniors Jordan Byers and Maria Harris.
He then informed  the council about a new state law that requires all youth sports coaches to be certified with the State of Alabama. “We’re expecting by Jan. 1 that we can start training our coaches,” Rhudy told the council.
Rhudy said the coaches will be trained in seven different areas, “from how to deal with youth injuries all the way to the emotional stress that young athletes go through when they are playing ball. It’s going to be a benefit to us down the road.”  
Rhudy announced that the fields at the park are worn from overuse and need a rest. There will be no adult softball tournaments at the park for at least two years, Rhudy said. “When they get a lot of use, sometimes you just have to give them a break,” Rhudy said. Rhudy said benefit tournaments will be considered within the two-year timeframe after Jan 1, 2019.

The senior center is being effectively operated by Becky Thompson, Rhudy said. An average of 20 people attend the center daily for meals, he said, and about 23 meals are delivered to homebound people. Roof repairs on the armory is scheduled to begin this week, Rhudy said.

“Sounds like you are doing a good job and the park is doing well,” mayor Max Maddox said.

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