Petition highlights ‘rusty water’

Guin city councilman Jerry Gann displays a petition at the Aug. 6 council meeting signed by 12 citizens of Guin. The citizens are concerned about rusty water that has been flowing through the Guin water system that provides water to about 1,400 customers.

GUIN - The City of Guin’s Aug. 7 council meeting took on the air of a courtroom drama when councilman Jerry Gann questioned Frank Pugh, chairman of the Guin Water and Sewer Board, about rusty water flowing through the Guin water pipes.
Gann presented a petition along with photographs that Gann says showed rusty water flowing from the faucet of a Guin water customer.
The petition was signed by 12 Guin water customers, five of whom listed the same residence on 2nd street north. Gann read the petition to the council: “The undersigned Guin citizens and water customers are concerned with the ongoing water conditions of the drinking water of the Guin water system. Multiple complaints from the last year have gone unanswered. These continuing issues of purity and contaminants in the water coming to our home faucets are concerns that need immediate resolution.”
Gann emphasized the complaints have been made over the last year and not just the last month.


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