SSA hires Hollingsworth as executive director

Marion County Superintendent of Education Ryan Hollingsworth addresses local and area residents, fellow elected officials and the media at the first of what would be many interviews he gave regarding the county board of education’s work toward rebuilding Hackleburg’s schools. This particular press conference was probably the first following the April 27, 2011, tornado disaster in Hackleburg and was held inside a large tent in Hackleburg. Hollingsworth, who was serving his first term as superintendent, was quoted at the time as saying: “Really, it is an honor for me to be in this position at a time when a new school will be built,’’ he said. “I see the plans on my desk each day and I know what a chance this represents for students in the community. We will have only one chance to do this right. The school is something that will serve Marion County for many years to come. We have no choice but to get it right and I am reminded of that every time I turn through the plans lying on my desk. I am blessed with this great opportunity, but it is also an important responsibility.’

MONTGOMERY - The School Superintendents of Alabama (SSA) announced on Thursday, June 7, that Marion County Superintendent of Education Ryan Hollingsworth will lead the staff of SSA as executive director beginning July 1, 2018.
Hollingsworth has served as the superintendent of Marion County Schools for the past 10 years. Prior to becoming superintendent, he served as assistant superintendent; as a central office supervisor; as assistant principal at Hamilton Middle School; and as a science teacher and coach at Hamilton High School.


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