Davis coordinates safety seminar for region’s schools

Among those in attendance at the seminar were (from left) Marion County Assistant Superintendent of Education Ann West; Jeff Newman, representative for District 7 on the Alabama State Board of Education; Trish Crain, reporter for al.com; and Susie Ellison, community coordinator for the Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools (CLAS). During a break in the seminar, they discussed ideas concerning threat assessment scenarios.

FAYETTE - Ken is a misfit at school who keeps to himself and does not appear to have many friends. He is bullied by many of his classmates and he never participates in group activities or sports. Ken’s grades are slipping, and he often skips class or does not attend school at all for a few days.
One day, Ken tells his friend Barbara that he is “sick and tired of school.” He says that he has something planned that will make people wish they had been nicer to him. Ken tells Barbara that she shouldn’t go to school on Friday, because “something bad is going to happen at school that day.”


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