The Ramp

Ministry purchases Hamilton Holiday Motel

HAMILTON -  The Ramp in Hamilton has purchased the Hamilton Holiday Motel to house its incoming male students for the Ramp ministry school.
The Ramp purchased the building on Wednesday, Aug. 7, and the Ramp School of Ministry (RSM) students will begin moving into dorms on Thursday, Aug. 15, leaving them with very little time to renovate before the students’ arrival.
“We have to flip it in one week!” said RSM Director Samuel Bentley, laughing.


Local pastors represent evangelicals in Azerbaijan

Ramp pastors Samuel Bentley (left) and Micah Wood stand outside of Azerbaijan’s largest mosque, Heydar, in Baku.

BAKU, Azerbaijan - Ramp pastors Samuel Bentley and Micah Wood, both of Hamilton, were two of 12 U.S. evangelical pastors who traveled to the country of Azerbaijan as guests of its president.
Azerbaijan is a predominately Shi’ite Muslim country on the Caspian Sea, located north of Iran and south of Russia. It is one of the few Muslim nations to maintain cooperational ties with Israel.

Summer conferences gather 2,374

The more than 2,300 attendees of the three Summer Ramp conferences in Hamilton contributed around $427,000 into the local economy, as they purchased food, lodging and travel necessities during their stay. The conference-goers are pictured worshipping and praying during services at The Ramp. (Courtesy of Ramp Media)

HAMILTON – The Ramp finished its last of three summer conferences on Saturday, Aug. 18, bringing 2,374 visitors to the area and giving the local economy an estimated $427,320 boost.
The Summer Ramp conferences were held on June 28 - 30, July 26 - 28 and Aug. 17 -18. Once again, local businesses—including hotels and motels from Hamilton, Guin and Winfield and restaurants—noticed the influx of visitors and the large increase of revenue.


The Ramp acquires neglected shopping center

A bird's-eye view of the old Town and Country Plaza Shopping Center, which was purchased by The Ramp on Tuesday, Sept. 18. (Courtesy of Ramp Media)

HAMILTON - Hamilton’s old Town and Country Plaza Shopping Center, which has been deemed an eyesore and on the verge of condemnation for a number of years, has been acquired.
According to The Ramp Chief Financial Officer Samuel Bentley, The Ramp acquired the seven-acre shopping center complex from developer Tony Struyk of San Diego, Calif., on Tuesday, Sept. 18.