Abby Nicole's

Councilors say Woodvale parking major problem

Winfield City Councilman Tim Garrison (left) told the council that parking on Woodvale Street, which intersects Highway 118 and sits adjacent to Abby Nicole’s in Winfield, is problematic. Garrison made a recommendation and a motion to pave the small street and enforce no-parking laws to accommodate traffic.

WINFIELD - The Winfield City Council voted to pave and stripe 250 feet of Woodvale Street, located off of Highway 118, next to Abby Nicole’s retail store, in an effort to cut down on shoppers parking on the sides of the street. The action took place at the Tuesday, Dec. 4, meeting.
The suggestion received criticism from councilman Chris Ballard, mayor Randy Price and Winfield Police Chief Brett Burleson, along with Abby Nicole’s owner Brandon Webster, who believes the issue to be personal instead of a public concern.

Ethics commission sends Hallmark investigation to AG

• Feud between Abby Nicole’s owner, Winfield council continues

WINFIELD - Winfield City Councilman Anthony Hallmark was the center of an ethics investigation after he was accused by local business owner Brandon Webster of attempting to solicit a bribe.
At a hearing on Wednesday, June 6, the commission heard the case against Hallmark and voted 4 - 0 to send the case to the Attorney General of the State of Alabama for further investigation and appropriate legal action. One commission member was absent and did not vote.