50th Anniversary

The day the music died (again): B side

At its 50th anniversary in 2000, several of WERH’s employees gathered in front of the station for a photo. Shown are (from left) Mark Burleson, Doug Threadgill, Heather Miller McCarley, Troyce Williams, Sarah Lemon, Bryan K. Williams, Geraldine Miller, Edgar Clayton and Mr. James Fowler

By Kathryn “Chazz” Hirschfeld
Staff writer
Welcome back to the final segments of our shared memories of WERH’s Mr. James  Fowler, a beloved gentleman to many in our community. But everyone in our interviews last week and today have already said it much better. Ditto, my friends. I’ll come back once more for a brief sign off at the end.Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to share their stories with me and our readers.