Guin Water Park closed for repairs this summer

Guin Water Park will be closed this summer while repairs are made. Guin’s Mayor Phil Segraves assures it is only a temporary closure.

GUIN — The Guin Water Park will not be opening this summer to give the city time to make much-needed repairs and upgrades to the facility.
The water park has been a key fixture for the city of Guin as well as the surrounding area for decades, serving as host to countless birthday parties and church functions over the years.
But this summer will mark the second time in two years the opening of the water park has been delayed, or in this case, stopped all together. The water park had a delayed opening until mid-June last year due to needed repairs. But now, due to a shortage of qualified workers, the opening will be delayed until next year.
Guin Mayor Phil Segraves sent a letter to business owners and civic leaders in Guin explaining what was happening and why the water park would not be opening.

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