Reed responds to “pointing fingers” letter

(Editor’s note: This letter is in response to the letter published in the Jan. 11, edition, “Pointing fingers is not making a difference,” by Lynda Kirkpatrick.)
After reading the “Letter to the Editor” in the Jan. 11, edition of the Journal Record, I questioned Lynda Kirkpatrick’s use of the word “flack” that she claims President Biden is getting from Republicans. The word she used means, “a publicity agent, a public relations flack,” according to my Concise Oxford American Dictionary. I believe the word she meant to use is the word “flak,” which means “Antiaircraft fire or strong criticism.” Flak was used by the Germans during WWII to hit aircraft flying at low levels which were used to drop soldiers toward the ground to fight the enemy. The flak shell would explode into many small pieces to damage an aircraft so it would crash. The shell was set to explode at levels of altitude where the aircraft and personnel are. I believe the ”Flak” is being used by the Democrats to hurt the chances of any Republican office holder or a certain former president to keep him from running again in 2024.
She wrote, “It’s always easy to point fingers at failure when we look at our deteriorating roads, homelessness, drug addiction and the problems we have in Alabama.” All her finger pointing seems to be pointing to one of our U.S. Representatives, Robert Aderholt, and his voting record. If you have been keeping your ears to the ground, you know there are most likely many reasons he voted against any bill put before him. Most likely it was because of the people he represents would not have

agreed the bills should have been passed.
And there is the old saying that if you point your finger at anything there will always be three fingers pointing back at you. I believe the finger pointing of the Republicans is attached to the long arm of the law which no one is supposed to be above. She is right to say it is easy to point fingers at failures. She should check those three fingers pointing back to President Biden and liberal Democrats and their belief of being above the laws.

Troy D. Reed
Hamilton, Ala.


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