Marion County triumphs over Hubbertville

The Marion County Red Raiders win over Hubbertville. Some who are shown are Jameson Webb (#51), Gavin Cole (#2), Brooks Junkin (#55), Dee Lipsey (#5), Riley Smith (#57), Landon Morrow (#6) and Dalyce Floyd (#8).

By Allen Dunavant
Special to the JR
HUBBERTVILLE —  Hubbertville hosted the Marion County Red Raiders on Friday, Oct. 21, at Wiley Hollingsworth Stadium and lost 41-28. Winning the coin toss, the Lions elected to receive the opening kick, sending Taylor Hubbert and T.J. Keeton back for the return. Jose Luis Arriza Alfaro’s kick went out of bounds, setting the Lions’ offense up for its opening possession at its 35 yard line. With the snap, Keeton rambled his way down to the Red Raiders’ 9 yard line before Jaceb Madison brought him down. The Raiders jumped offsides prior to the snap advancing the ball deeper to the 4 yard line. On the replay of down, Greyson Key was met at the line by a host of defenders, leaving the Lions facing second and goal. Jagger Youngblood took the ball around the right side, but Gavin Cole was on the stop at the line of scrimmage, resulting in no gain on the play. Keeton then called his own number and fought over left tackle for the score. The PAT kick by Tucker Bowen was perfect, giving the Lions the early lead.
Zach Lamoureux received Bowen’s ensuing kick at the 34 yard line. Following a holding penalty, which moved the ball back to the 24 yard line, Joseph Aldridge connected on a pass with Landon Morrow, who advanced the ball to the 49 yard line for the first down. Utilizing the passing game and the running of Aldridge, the Raiders quickly moved the ball inside the Lions’ red zone with first and goal at the 7 yard line. With the snap, Aldridge was met by Tanner McGough for the stop after a 1 yard gain. Second down brought a short pass connection with Morrow, but T. Hubbert made the stop at the 1 yard line. The Lions jumped offsides, moving the ball closer to the goal line, and on the replay of down, Dalyce Floyd took the ball in for the score. The PAT kick by Aldridge was good, tying the game at seven.
Facing fourth and eight from the Raiders’ 41 yard line and electing to fight for the yardage, Keeton attempted a connection with Youngblood, but the pass was intercepted by Lamoureux, who raced to the end zone for a turnover touchdown. The PAT kick by Aldridge sailed left, leaving the score at 13-7.
Beginning on first down at the Lions’ 40 yard line, Keeton was tied up in the backfield and brought down by Cole for a 1 yard loss. Second down brought a pass to Brand for a 5 yard gain, but on third down, misery continued for the Lions as Floyd intercepted a pass, returning the ball to the 41 yard line. Following the play, both teams were penalized, resulting in the Red Raiders taking possession at its own 43 yard line. Aldridge took the ball for a first down at the Lion s’ 44 yard line. Lipsey then took the ball eight yards deeper, with Zeb Haley and Levi Williams on the stop as the opening quarter closed. Utilizing Aldridge and Lipsey, Marion County quickly moved the ball to the 24 yard line. First down brought a pass from Aldridge to Lipsey, with Lipsey advancing down the right sideline for the score. The two-point conversion was good, with Lipsey advancing the ball across the goal, and Marion County led 21-7.
After moving the ball to midfield, the Lions faced fourth and seven from Marion County’s 47. Keeton connected on a pass with Youngblood, who raced to the end zone for the score. The PAT kick by Bowen was perfect raising the score to 21-14 in favor of the Red Raiders.
Bowen’s onside kick was recovered by the Red Raiders kicking team at the 47 yard line. Lipsey advanced over the right side for a 4 yard gain, with Kobe McCarley on the stop. Second down brought Lipsey up the middle, but McGough tripped him up for the stop after a 3 yard gain. Facing third and four, Cole ran around right end, with Brand making the tackle at the 43 yard line. Aldridge then connected with Cole, who picked up another first down at the 31 yard line with McCarley making the stop. First down brought Haley and Bowen into the backfield for the sack on Aldridge resulting in a 15 yard loss. Facing second down from the 46 yard line, Aldridge connected on a  pass with Madison who was brought down by Keeton at the 5 yard line. First down brought Aldridge on a run, but Jarrett Benton, Brand and others were on the stop. Facing second and goal, Aldridge took the ball in for the score. The two-point conversion was successful, with Brooks Junkin running into the end zone, raising the score to 29-14 at halftime in favor of Marion County.
The Red Raiders recovered Bowen’s second half onside kick at the Lions’ 48 yard line. First down brought Aldridge scrambling in the backfield, with Heath Dunavant forcing him out of bounds for a 1 yard loss. Aldridge advanced over right tackle on second down with Ronnie Minor on the stop, leaving the Raiders facing third down and 10. Following an illegal procedure penalty, Aldridge went to the air, connecting with Madison for the score. The two-point conversion was unsuccessful with Minor, Haley and others making the stop.
Once again Marion County recovered the onside kick, setting the Red Raiders up at the Lions’ 41 yard line. Following an illegal procedure penalty, Aldridge called his own number on the replay of down and was met by Minor for the tackle. With the snap, Aldridge raced down the right side line for the quick touchdown only 37 seconds taken off the game clock. The PAT kick by Riley Smith was blocked, leaving the score 41-14 in favor of the visiting Red Raiders.
Hubbertville had to punt on its next possession. Later facing fourth down. Aldridge connected on a pass with Madison, but McCarley made the stop, turning the ball over on downs at the 41 yard line.
Bringing up fourth and two, Youngblood took the handoff, fighting his way over the left side of the line, but Smith, Junkin and others were on the stop. Marion County took over with the ball just shy of the 8 yard line.
With a punt following a three-and-out, the Lions took possession at its 42 yard line. Youngblood ran for a 29 yard gain on first down, then Keeton threw an incomplete pass intended for McCarley. The next play resulted in no gain. Keeton then ran the ball into the end zone. The two-point conversion was unsuccessful, with Keeton attempting a pass to Brand.
The Red Raiders recovered Bowen’s onside kick attempt at the Lions’ 40 yard line, but later turned the ball over in downs at the Hubbertville 35 yard line.
Blaize Wakefield took over at quarterback for the Lions and connected on first down with McCarley, who was brought down at the Red Raiders’ 38 yard line by Madison. First down brought Wakefield completing a pass to Youngblood, who raced down to the 12 yard line for another first down. Wakefield attempted another pass to Youngblood in the end zone, but the ball was tipped and fell into the arms of McCarley for the score with 14.4 seconds remaining in the game. The two-point conversion was good, with Wakefield connecting on a pass to McCarley in the back of the end zone, leaving the final score 41-28 in favor of the visiting Red Raiders.


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