Kick in Overtime puts Tigers ahead

By Luke Brantley
Staff Writer

BRILLIANT — The Brilliant Tigers won a close game on Friday night, Sept. 10, earning their first win this season.
The Tigers defeated the Lynn Bears in overtime 28-27.
The Bears deferred after the coin toss, and the Tigers kicked off to get the game started. The Bears took the ball back to their own 38-yard line. Lynn was the first to score after a long pass resulted in a touchdown. The extra point was missed, but Lynn was still ahead 6-0.
The Tigers got the ball back on their own 31 after the kickoff. Quarterback Wiley Hanson carried on first down for a gain of one yard, but  Jacob Barnes was tackled in the backfield for a loss on second down, and Braden O’Mary was only able to make a short gain on third down. On fourth down, Brilliant opted to punt.
The Bears closed in again on the ensuing drive and scored a second touchdown with a run from the two-yard line. They went for two and scored on a pass to make the score 14-0 with a few minutes left in the first quarter.
On the following Tiger’s drive, from Lynn’s 37-yard line, Hanson kept the ball and ran to the 22 for another first down. Hanson carried again to gain a yard to start the second quarter. Now third and five from the 16, Hanson threw a pass to Jaeden Lipsey, who was brought down on the six-yard line for another first down.
On second down, Hanson charged through the defense and scored with 10:34 seconds left in the quarter. The Tigers went for two, but the snap was fumbled and the play was whistled dead, making the score 14-6. After a Bears’ three-and-out, the Tigers undertook their second scoring drive. On first down, Hanson kept the ball again and ran the remaining 25 yards to the end zone. The two-point attempt was unsuccessful, leaving the Tigers behind 14-12 with just under seven minutes remaining in the half.
After a forced fourth-down stop, Brilliant had possession again.
The Tigers’ drive was thwarted, though, and they attempted a field goal that failed to split the posts, and the half ended with the Tigers still behind 14-12. Lynn kicked off to open the second half.
Underway in the Tigers’ possession, Barton ran on second down, charging straight up the middle and smashing through the line. Shaking off defenders, he ran down the left sideline for 46 yards and across the goal line. The two-point attempt was once again unsuccessful, but the Tigers were still ahead 18-14 with 11 minutes left in the third quarter.
Both defenses dug in and prevented any more scoring in the third quarter. The Tigers attempted a field goal early in the fourth frame, but it missed, and Lynn took over on their own 20 and drove into scoring position.
The Tigers broke up a pass in the end zone, but with eight minutes left in the quarter, Lynn sent a runner up the middle for a three-yard run into the end zone, putting the Bears back in the lead with 7:40 left in the game. They made the extra point, and the Bears were ahead 21-18.
On the next drive, the Tigers began to find themselves at fourth and five on the 49.
The clock was winding down, and the Tigers fought hard to keep moving down the field. Hanson and Barton kept the Tigers on the move.  Closing in on the end zone with time ticking down, a false start set the Tigers back with just over two minutes left in the game.
Hanson ran hard to earn another first down and stop the clock. From the 24-yard line, Hanson passed to O’Mary to get to the 17 to bring up second and two. Hanson ran again and was tackled out of bounds, but not before he got the first down.
From the 14, Hanson threw an incomplete pass. Still second and 10, Hanson ran again, making it to the two but taking a beating on the way. He was able to get up and continue.
With less than 10 seconds to go, Barton was stopped just shy of the goal line. A delay of game penalty on the Tigers dragged them back away from the goal line.
With less than 10 seconds to go, Barton was stopped just shy of the goal line. A delay of game penalty on the Tigers dragged them back away from the goal line. A field goal. Barnes’ kick as the clock hit zero tied the ball game.
Lynn was up first in overtime. An offsides penalty brought them from the 10 to the five. A runner got through, sending the Bears ahead 27-21. But the extra point was missed.
The Tigers got the ball next, starting from the ten. Lipsey took the ball and ran down the side to gain seven yards. Lynn’s defense held the line on second down. But on third down, the Tigers broke through and scored to tie the game again. The Tigers went for the extra point, and the kick sailed through the uprights to end the game with a 28-27 Brilliant victory.

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