Positive Winfield budget encouraging

The Winfield City Council voted to adopt a new budget during its meeting on Sept. 7.
According to Winfield Mayor Randy Price, this budget marks the first time in a long time that the city will have a significant surplus in the budget.
Price said that in the past, the city has often found itself scrambling to move funds around to make sure all of the bills get paid.
It’s a relief to see that the new budget will allow the city to operate in the green instead of struggling in the red. This new budget will be of great benefit to the city going forward, and will give the city a much-needed safety cushion in the event of an emergency or other unforseen circumstances.
The budget also includes steps to begin paying off debts faster. This will also help the city, because even if the city has to pay more each month, they’ll save money in the long run by paying off these debts sooner. City Administrator Mike Watkins should be commended for his work in putting this year’s budget together. ­
Watkins took advantage of an already good situation, with several expenses already being close to being paid off, and made it even better for the city. He took full advantage of the opportunities he was presented with in creating this budget, and it shows in the end product.
Being able to save money while also paying off debt will do a lot to make the city look good for any future loans or grants it applies for.
As long as the money is used if needed and doesn’t sit in a bank account just for the sake of sitting there, having money in the bank could prove to be life-saving for the city. It’s reassuring to see the city being a good steward of the money they receive from taxpayers. It’s also good to see some good news in a world where that seems to be getting rarer and rarer.
Hopefully, Winfield can continue to operate in a similar way, without going back to being in the red when it comes to finances. City officials need to make sure they stick with a plan that will help the city save money, but also provide the services residents need in the years to come. They have a good foundation, now they need to keep it up.



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