Trump comes to Alabama

Former President Donald Trump paid a visit to the Heart of Dixie last week.  Obviously, this is Trump country.
Alabama was one of Trump’s best states in the 2020 Election.  He got an amazing 65% of the vote in our state. If the turnout for his August 21 rally in rural Cullman County is any indication, he would get that same margin of victory this year if the election were held again.  Many of those in attendance were insistent that Trump won last year’s presidential contest and that it was stolen from him.
The event was held on a desolate rural north Alabama farm.  It was reminiscent of the 1969 Woodstock event in rural New York.  
In fact, our newly minted U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville referred to it as “Trumpstock.”  
Tuberville nor I either one attended Woodstock, but we are old enough to know about the legendary music and imbibing event.
 It was also reminiscent of some of the old George Wallace rallies in the 1960’s – only much larger.


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