The Birth of a Nation

America, America how long since you were conceived
From the freedom seed implanted, because men believed
That all should have the full right to express
And none should suffer the defeat of repress.

America, your birth was announced by a Declaration;
A statement for the independence of this nation.
Fifty founding fathers that great document did sign,
As they proclaimed the right to be free in every line.

Their pleas for justice and representation long denied,
It was now for complete independence they cried.
The laws of the King of Great Britain deemed unfair
Became more than the struggling colonies could bear.

The men of the States knew their freedom was right,
And for it, they were willing the British to fight.
The cries for separation were heard throughout the land;
The men of Congress knew the time for action was at hand.

It was with a conviction of rights so strong,
The leaders of the States decided to correct a wrong.
The early fathers were endowed with a great zeal,
And with their signatures the document did seal.

America, America, you’ve come a long way
For the homeland you’ve given us we could never repay.
And if to God, we shall give his over-due glory,
It’s just the beginning of America’s wonderful story!

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